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No matter your problem, from complaints to bills, we have everything you can use to contact BT. As always, we’ve got you covered.

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There are several different ways you can contact BT regarding a query, problem, or complaint. No matter what’s happening with your broadband, we’ve brought together all the numbers and contact methods you might need to help you out. As always, we’ve got you covered.

Talk about my bill(s)

If you need to contact BT about your broadband bills, whether you want to pay your bill or simply ask a question, there are a few ways you can go about this.

You can call 0800 443 311 to get through to an automated phone line which you can use to:

  • Pay your bills
  • Find out call charges and balance
  • Set up or manage your direct debit

If you’d rather speak to a human, you can use the live chat feature on the BT website or call 0800 800 150.

Make sure you have your account number to hand when you get in contact (you can find this on your bill).

Having trouble paying?

If you’re having difficulty paying your bills, the first thing you should do is contact BT and let them know by calling 0800 0800 105. They will work with you to set up a payment plan or give you a few options to choose from to avoid getting into too much debt.

If you normally pay via PayPoint and can’t get to one in time, you can pay your bill in another way, including:

  • Through your My BT account
  • By calling 0800 44 33 11
  • Bank transfer (account number: 00375853 sort code: 20-00-00) using your account number as the reference
  • By cheque made out to BT Payment Services Ltd with your account number written on the back and sent to:
    BT Payment Centre
    BT PLC
    DH98 1BT

If you don’t pay your bill, you’ll be charged £7.50 and you run the risk of your service being disconnected or restricted. You’ll also be charged if your service needs to be reconnected or unrestricted.

Check your broadband speed

If you’re experiencing slow broadband or you’re just curious about your internet speeds, you can check your BT broadband speeds through your online account or the app.

Test your broadband speed

If you’re checking your speed through the app, you should press ‘speed to your hub’ and ‘speed to your device’. If either of these are lower than your minimum, follow the steps below to report and fix the problem.

Report speed issues

If your speed is slower than it should be, you can use this troubleshooter to report the problem or you can text ‘HELP’ followed by your landline number to 61998. BT will then also check your broadband speed and either give you tips to improve it or send out an engineer if you need one. You’ll also be given the opportunity to end your contract without paying any exit fees if it can’t be improved.

Once your problem has been reported, you can track its progress using the link below.

BT Fault Tracker

Get a BT WiFi extender

If your broadband speed reads faster in some areas of your home than in others and BT have decided not to send out an engineer, you can get a BT WiFi extender to help boost the speeds, especially in rooms further away from the router.

Choose a BT WiFi extender

However, a BT WiFi extender could be quite pricey. It may be worth upgrading to BT Halo. This package comes with a speed guarantee, stronger routers, double BT Mobile data, and up to 3 free WiFi discs to improve your speeds. BT Halo includes services worth up to £468 over your 24-month contract for just £1 extra per month.

Report connection issues

Slow broadband speeds? 🐌 Get a supercharge today!

The most complained about issue when it comes to broadband is slow speeds and dropping connection. We can help you improve both of these if you give us a call today!

020 3992 7717

As with most technical problems, the first thing to try is turning your router off and on again. You can do this either from the plug or the power button on the back of your router. Keep it turned off for a few minutes and switch it back on. When the power light has turned blue, you can try connecting again.

If this hasn’t worked, it could be a problem with your device. Make sure that your WiFi is turned on and flight mode is off. If neither of these are the problem, try disconnecting and reconnecting again – it could be that you’re trying to connect to the wrong router.

If you still need help, you can contact BT by texting ‘CHECK’ followed by your landline number to 61998 where they will run tests and get back to you to help get your connection back up and running. This could be that they send out an engineer or they can call you back with some tips to try if they think you don’t need one.

Alternatively, you can use the troubleshooter by signing into your My BT to run your own tests and report the problem.

BT moving home

Moving house? 🏠 Set up your utilities, today!

Let us set everything up for you and leave you with one less thing to think about when moving house! Give us a call now, sit back and let us do the work.

020 3992 7717

When you’re with BT moving home, it’s easy to bring all of their services with you. You should give at least one month’s notice to make sure they’re all ready for when you move in.

When you move, you’ll have to contact BT and let them know:

  • Your moving date
  • Your BT account number (which you can find on your bill)
  • Your current landline number
  • Your new address

If you just have broadband with BT, you should call 0800 800 150, but if you have more services, you can call 0800 783 0235 or use the link below.

Moving home with BT

You can continue on the same contract with the same account but there will be no exit fees if the broadband at your new home can’t reach the same speeds as your old one and you want to change or cancel your contract.

Make a complaint

If something goes wrong with your broadband package, you might want to make a complaint to BT. BT looks into all of its complaints in-depth to make sure all issues are put right and that it doesn’t happen again.

Luckily, there are a few ways you can complain to BT and get it seen to:

  • Call 0800 432 0137
  • Online
  • Write to:
    BT Correspondence Centre
    Providence Row
    DH98 1BT

BT will try and resolve your complaint as quickly as possible, but if it hasn’t been sorted within 8 weeks or you’re not happy with the result, you can contact the communications ombudsman who will have the final word. You can call the ombudsman on 0330 440 1614 or email

Switching to BT

If you’ve decided to switch to BT broadband, there are two ways you can go about this. Your first option is to call the BT customer service team on 0800 800 150. Alternatively, you can use the link below to find out all about BT’s current deals and packages.

Switch to BT

Once you’ve contacted BT about switching, they’ll give you a switching date and sort the rest for you and your BT Smart Hub will be sent through the post and BT will text you when it’s time to get set up.

If you’re switching to a TV and broadband package, you will have to contact your TV provider (if you have one) to cancel your current services. Once you’ve ordered your BT package, you can get watching as soon as you like through the BT app while you wait for your activation date.

For help switching broadband providers, give Utility Switchboard a call on 020 3048 4598.

Cancel your broadband package

If you’re thinking of cancelling your BT broadband package, you’ll have to contact BT 30 days before you leave and let them know you want to cancel.

You can cancel your package through your My BT online account, or by calling 0800 783 1401. You’ll need to have your account number ready if you call. Alternatively, you can call Utility Switchboard on 020 3048 4598 and we’ll make it even easier for you to switch to the right broadband provider and package.

Your new provider might be able to cancel your package for you when you switch, but it’s best to contact BT beforehand anyway.

Bear in mind that you might have to send back your router and any other BT accessories you have or you could be charged extra.

BT broadband cancellation fee

If you’re not happy with your BT broadband connection and want to cancel, you might be charged early cancellation fees if you leave before the end of your contract. How much you’re charged depends on how long is left on your contract.

BT calculates your cancellation fees by taking the remaining amount you would pay until the end of your contract and subtracting the costs BT save by you leaving early and 1% if your final payment is paid early.

For example, if you paid £35 per month and have 4 months left until your contract ends, your cancellation fee would start at £140 (£35×4). Then, VAT will be taken off, taking it down to £116.67. Next, BT’s saved costs are taken off. Assuming this is £15 per month, that would take off £60 (£15×4), leaving £56.67. If you pay it off early, you’ll also get a 1% discount, bringing it to £56.10. Add the VAT back on and that brings your cancellation fee to £67.32.

Talk about something else

If you want to talk about something we haven’t covered here, there are other ways you can contact BT about your broadband.

Method Number/link
Phone 0800 800 150
BT Community Click here to be redirected
Facebook Click here to be redirected
Twitter @bt_uk

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