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Virgin Media TV
Packages, Products & Tariffs

Disclaimer: The information on this page was correct as of August 20, 2021.

If you’re considering switching broadband providers to Virgin Media, you might be tempted to add Virgin Media TV to your package. With Virgin TV under your belt, you can make some great savings when you switch.


Virgin Media TV packages

Virgin Media has a number of different bundles to choose from when it comes to TV packages.

There are two main TV packages available. Mixit is the basic TV package while Maxit comes with everything Mixit has, plus all the Entertainment picks and the ability to watch your favourite shows in HD.

Mixit Maxit
Price per month £5 £55
Contract length 18 months 18 months
Channels 105 210
HD No Yes

Once you’ve decided which package to go for, you can add as many extra channel packs as you like. Whether you’re into sports, cinema, or international shows, there are a number of different basic and premium packs to choose from to personalise your package.

You can request for your contract to be a 30-day rolling contract if you don’t want to commit to a longer one, however, you’ll still have to give 30 days’ notice if you want to cancel and the prices can be £15 more than if you opted for the longer contracts.

Channels to watch out for

The more Virgin Media TV packages you add, the more channels you have to choose from. We’ve selected some of the best channels from Virgin Media TV

  • Virgin TV Ultra HD – With this channel, you can enjoy films, shows, documentaries, and concerts all in Ultra HD. If your TV doesn’t support Ultra HD, you can watch everything it has to offer in standard HD instead. Not only that, but this channel has no adverts, meaning you can watch great TV without any interruptions.
  • Sky Arts – Sky Arts is dedicated to all things art, whether that’s sculptures, music, painting or something else. It’s home to great shows such as Portrait Artist of the Year, The Great Songwriters, and The Live Revival.
  • MUTV and Liverpool FCTV – If you’re a Manchester United or Liverpool fan, you’re lucky enough to have a whole channel devoted to your favourite football team. You’ll find exclusive interviews, match analysis and more for just £7 per month.
  • Baby TV – Parents will love this premium channel with interactive shows to help your baby learn and play. Because babies don’t have a time schedule, the programmes are available 24/7 to keep your baby occupied and engaged.
  • Sony Movies Classic – You can find some of the best and most popular films old and new. Celebrating films from the 1940s onwards, there’s a huge range of films here to suit everyone.

Virgin TV and broadband deals

If you want Virgin Media TV, you’ll need to have Virgin Media broadband too. Luckily, these can come as a bundle to help maximise your savings.

The basic TV and broadband deal of Mixit TV (105 channels) and 50Mbps broadband comes to a total of £41.95 per month. However, if you add a phone line to this, you can save between 95p and £8.95 per month, depending on which phone plan you take out.

You can, of course, upgrade these deals as much as you like, whether that’s opting for more TV channels, faster broadband, a more suited call plan, or including a mobile SIM deal to your package.

Find out more about Virgin Media broadband

Add-ons and extras

If you’re looking for more channels to enjoy, Virgin Media lets you personalise your TV experience by adding extras to your package. You can add extra channels or even enhance your experience by linking your Netflix and Amazon Prime Video subscriptions too.

Add-on Price per month Contract length Channel packs
Entertainment picks £5-7 each 18 months
  • Documentaries
  • Drama
  • Lifestyle
  • Sport Lite
Premium picks £21+ 18 months
  • Sky Sports
  • Sky Sports HD
  • Sky Cinema
  • Sky Sports & Cinema
Kids picks £5 18 months
  • Kids Pick
  • Baby TV
Sports picks £7+ 18 months
  • BT Sport
  • Sky Sports
  • Premier Sports HD + Box Nation
  • MUTV
  • Liverpool FCTV
  • Racing TV
International picks £4.95+ 18 months
  • Zee TV
  • Asian Mela
  • Zee Bundle
  • Set Bundle
  • Utsav Bundle

Virgin TV Go

Virgin TV Go is available to all Virgin Media TV customers and is a great way to watch TV on the go. With over 100 channels available to watch live and on-demand (depending on your TV package), you can stream your favourite shows on your phone, tablet, or PC. As long as you have an internet connection, there’s no limit to where you can watch. If you have the Maxit TV bundle, you can also download your shows to watch offline later.

You can watch on two devices at a time (or 4 if you have the Maxit bundle) and have 5 devices registered to your primary My Virgin Media account. To register your device, simply sign into TV Go using your account details and choose what you want to watch! If there are already 5 devices registered when you log in, the app will guide you through what to do next.

Download for iOS
Download for Android

Virgin TV 360 customers can also use the TV Go app to control their Virgin Media TV box. V6 and TiVo customers can use the TV Control app, which you’ll find more information about below.

Virgin TV Control

The TV Control app is an extremely handy feature. Whether you’ve lost your TV remote or just want to confuse your family, you can control everything from your phone or tablet.

With the app, you can:

  • Manage recordings
  • Stream recordings from your TV box to your phone or tablet (through your home WiFi)
  • Browse and personalise the TV guide
  • Use your device as an extra remote
  • Change channels wherever you are in the house
  • Find out more about different shows and films
  • Set up smart recordings through your WishList
Download for iOS
Download for Android

To use the app as an extra remote, your device will have to be connected to the same network as the TV box, however, you can use this feature on as many devices as you like! The on-screen buttons will be the same as those on your remote and you can scroll up and down to access different buttons. You can also use the same device to control different TV boxes if you have more than one.

If there’s one actor or director you love, you can use the TV Control app to set up your WishList. This makes sure your TV automatically records all the upcoming shows and films a certain crew or cast member is in as it appears on TV. Select the person through the ‘Explore’ button when you’re in the Guide, My Shows, or Info sections and you’ll never miss them on anything.

Virgin Media Store

Buy and rent the latest movies and best box sets through the Virgin Media Store. Whether you’re looking forward to the newest release or binge-watching your favourite shows, it’s all available to you through your Virgin Media TV.

You can get early access to premium rentals available to rent before they’re out on DVD. With thousands of titles available and new films released on the Store every week, you’ll never run out of things to watch.

You don’t need to be a Virgin Media customer to use the Store – all you need to get set up is an email address, password, and a payment method. If you’re a Virgin Media customer, you can access all of your bought and rented titles through your Virgin TV but, if you’re not, you can also access them online.

Visit the Virgin Media Store

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