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Virgin Media broadband cover

Virgin Media Broadband
Packages, Products & Tariffs

Disclaimer: The information on this page was correct as of August 20, 2021.

There is a huge range of Virgin Media broadband packages to suit everyone’s needs. Whether you’re streaming or gaming, These packages are fast enough to do this all day, every day. We’ve compared the most popular broadband tariffs for you to choose from. As always, we’ve got you covered.


Virgin Media broadband packages

There are several different broadband packages from Virgin Media. Unfortunately, they’re not available to everyone at the moment, but if Virgin Media broadband is available in your area, it’s worth looking into.

Have a look below to see what broadband packages are available.

M100 Fibre M200 Fibre M350 Fibre M500 Fibre
Contract Price £28 £34 £40 £46
Out-of-contract price £44 £50 £56 £62
Set-up fee £35 £35 £35 £35
Speed guarantee Yes Yes Yes Yes
Download speed 108Mbps 213Mbps 362Mbps 516Mbps
Upload speed 10Mbps 20Mbps 36Mbps 36Mbps
Best for… Streaming HD streaming Ultra HD and 4K streaming Gaming

Virgin Media broadband packages run on Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) which means that Virgin use their own cables to bring broadband straight to your home. Because of this, switching to Virgin Media may require some digging to be done by engineers outside your property to get you connected. This is one of the reasons why it’s not available to everyone.

Gigabit Broadband

For just £52 per month, you could receive a massive 1130Mbps download speed with Virgin Media’s Gig1 Fibre Broadband. This is enough to have everyone online streaming in Ultra HD, gaming, and video calling at the same time.

Unfortunately, Gig1 Fibre Broadband is available in even fewer locations than Virgin Media’s other fibre packages, however, Virgin is working on making this available to a huge number of cities by the end of 2021 and more going forward.

Gig1 Fibre is currently available at selected locations in:

  1. Belfast
  2. Birmingham
  3. Cardiff
  4. Coventry
  5. Edinburgh
  6. Glasgow
  7. Leeds
  8. Liverpool
  9. London
  10. Manchester
  11. Reading
  12. Southampton

If you’re interested in Gigabit Broadband but it’s not available in your area yet, you can register your interest here here to be the first to know when you can upgrade.

Can you get Gig1 Fibre broadband?


Once you’ve decided to switch to Virgin Media broadband, there is a range of different things you can add to save money and make the most of your package.


If you’re with Virgin Media, you can create your own package including broadband, TV, phone and/or mobile. Starting with the Big Bundle of Mixit TV, M50 Fibre, and Talk Weekend landline services, you can add, remove, and customise as many services as you like in your bundle.

Add channel packs to your TV for £7 each per month, speed up your broadband, and receive more inclusive calls depending on when you make the most calls. Or remove whichever you don’t need.

The only limitation is that you’ll have to have broadband in your bundle if you want Virgin Media TV.

Create your perfect bundle

Virgin Intelligent WiFi Plus

If you have a Hub 3 or Hub 4, your router will come with Virgin Intelligent WiFi. With Intelligent WiFi, your hub will automatically sort WiFi issues for you. It adapts to the number of people and devices using the internet to bring you better speeds and improve connections to give Virgin’s most reliable WiFi yet.

If you like, you can upgrade to Virgin Intelligent WiFi Plus to really make the most of your internet connection. For just £5 per month (or free with the Ultimate Ooomph or Gig1 packages), you’ll also receive Intelligent WiFi pods which work with your hub to keep you connected in every room of the house.

With Virgin Intelligent WiFi Plus, you can get up to 3 WiFi pods for free, creating a WiFi bubble that covers your whole home. They can use cloud technology to see how, when, and where you use your broadband most and adapt to create the best conditions for your household.

Find out more about Intelligent WiFi Plus

Virgin Media Internet Security

Keeping your devices and information safe and secure is an important part of internet use. Virgin Media customers can take advantage of exclusive internet security for just £3 per month or £30 per year.

Virgin Media Internet Security can:

  • Detect and remove viruses, spyware, and malware
  • Block potentially harmful websites
  • Keep your banking details safe when shopping
  • Help you set parental controls
  • Protect all your devices
  • Locate, lock, and wipe Android devices if they’re lost or stolen

You can install Virgin Media Internet Security on as many devices as you like through your My Virgin Media account under ‘My Apps’.

Gadget Rescue

With Gadget Rescue, Virgin Media can fix issues with non-Virgin tech you have for extra peace of mind, including your PC, laptop, phones, printers, and more.

For just £5 per month (or £60 for a one-off fix), Gadget Rescue can:

  • Remove viruses, spyware, and malware
  • Fix performance issues
  • Give 24/7 support and help with your devices
  • Fix nearly all device issues

The Gadget Rescue team have a broad range of knowledge and can help fix almost any issues with your tech – most of the time within the hour. They will need remote access to your device in order to investigate the problem, however, it’s 100% secure and you can choose what they have access to.

If you ever have a problem with your non-Virgin tech, you can call the Gadget Rescue team on 0800 014 7398 for free. If you have a problem with your Virgin equipment, you can call 0345 454 1111.

Find out more about Gadget Rescue

Virgin Media Connect app

The Virgin Media Connect app helps you improve your internet usage by working with your Virgin Intelligent WiFi to set you up in the best place and eliminate any WiFi blackspots around the house. Simply scan your house and the app will tell you if there are any blackspots and how to get rid of them. This could be by giving you suggestions on where to place your router or letting you order a WiFi booster.

The app also lets you control devices connected to the network, including being able to pause internet usage for certain devices at certain times and seeing which devices are connected.

If you’re out and about, you can connect to Virgin Media WiFi hotspots. With over 3.5 million hotspots available across the UK and 12 million abroad, you can stay connected in more places than ever. It’s even available in almost all London Underground stations.

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