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Our Npower reviews can help you decide whether you should switch to Npower or look elsewhere for a provider better suited for you.

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If you’re considering switching energy providers, it’s important that you know what you’re getting yourself into. Our in-depth Npower reviews can help you do just that to find the right fit for you and your energy. As always, we’ve got you covered!

What do customers say?

You can compare providers in as many ways as possible but the best way to understand what to expect is by looking at what real customers think.

Take a look at what Npower customers have to say about their provider:

I'd been overpaying my monthly installment for years and had accrued a rather large balance. I don't know why Npower's 'systems' for reducing monthly bills according to usage didn't pick this up; but to be fair, as soon as I called them, they reduced the payment and the refund was in my bank in a couple of days. - Jools, Trustpilot
I called Npower customer service today at 8am, spoke to Aaron, super helpful and efficient who got me in touch with the emergency call out team at Western Power after he thoroughly questioned /triaged me about the problem. The electrician team came out within the hour after my being advised by the helpful lady Pat at Western Power who told me to isolate all electrical equipment until the electricians arrived, which I did, Problem has now been resolved and peace of mind restored. That is what I call CUSTOMER SERVICE! Friendly, efficient and polite Npower advisor totally knowledgeable and proactive. AWESOME!!!- David White, Trustpilot

Npower complaints handling

While we all hope that complaints won’t be necessary, especially when it comes to your energy bills, unfortunately, unexpected issues might come up. If something comes up, you want to make sure that it’s handled in the best way possible and your issue is solved quickly and easily.

We’ve looked into how Npower has handled its complaints over Q1 2021 and found very similar results to other Big Six providers.

Complaints handling
Number of complaints 20,345
Complaints per 100,000 customers 1,646
Number of complaints resolved 19,695
Complaints resolved the same or next working day 48.48%
Complaints resolved within 8 weeks 84.03%

Npower complaints have increased slightly since last year, however, it has taken longer for Npower to solve these issues, with 90% of 2020 Q4’s complaints resolved within 8 weeks and 54% resolved the same or next day.

The nature of Npower complaints are mostly about what you’d expect from an energy provider, however, they have shared on their website how they’re planning on improving these and decreasing the number of complaints on each subject.

The complaints are mainly about:

  • Billing and meter reading
  • Customer service
  • Payment issues
  • Meters
  • Debts
Worst company I have ever dealt with, they get everything wrong and then do not cooperate with you to get it right. I spent 2 months waiting for them to come up with a solution after they made a series of errors for them to say 'it's your problem now'. -Homeowner, Trustpilot

Npower customer service reviews

Unless invited, many people tend to only turn to review sites when they’re unhappy. Partly because of this, Npower has quite a low score for their customer service across the review boards, but this should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Many customers report being passed from person to person, having to explain their problem multiple times before getting to the bottom of the problem. Even then, different advisors give them different and contrasting answers to the same questions which can be confusing and stressful for customers, especially when a lot of complaints are about billing issues.

On the same day we had 5 different persons from Npower on the phone in March 2020, ALL of them had a different answer about how much our final bill would be. - Elisabeth Passédat, Trustpilot

Despite this, customers do appreciate the politeness of Npower staff and fast wait times when using the callback and live chat options to get in contact. Many different members of the Npower customer service team are praised through online reviews and people have confidence that their issues will be dealt with.

I phoned in Saturday and did the automatic request a call back - firstly what a fab feature! Kate called me back and happily spent an hour going through my charges and how to improve my usage/costs going forwards. - Katie Pile, Trustpilot

Npower has recently been ordered by Ofgem to pay around 2,000 customers compensation after overcharging them when they switched supplier or tariff between 2013 and 2020. A total of £25,602 will be paid out to Npower customers, meaning that affected customers will receive an average of £12.61 each. 17 other energy providers have been ordered to do the same thing with over 1 million households affected overall.

As Npower and Eon complete their merge, customers are likely to see an improvement when it comes to customer service, which existing Eon customers are very happy with.

Getting in touch

When getting in touch with your energy provider, it’s good to know how long you’re likely to be waiting. We all lead busy lives, and can’t put everything on hold just for one phone call.

We’ve tried out some of the easiest ways to contact Npower to work out an average time you should be waiting to talk to a human.

Method Wait time
Email 5 hours 20 minutes
Phone 37 minutes
Live chat 3 minutes
Callback 10 minutes

*Opening times only

We found that the best time to call or request a callback is 9am when lines open but the other contact methods have similar wait times throughout the day.

Contact Npower

Is it worth the money?

As a Big Six company, you’re expecting higher prices than some of the smaller energy providers. However, Npower has recently increased their prices quite a lot during the merge with Eon, possibly to make up some of the money they owe.

Where most of their tariffs were priced below Ofgem’s price cap, many have increased to meet the maximum alongside the price cap increase in April 2021. Customers may also see an increase in prices as they move over to Eon as they’re placed on a ‘deemed’ tariff, which is often more expensive than the tariff they held with their previous provider.

Npower app review

Energy providers are increasingly turning to apps to allow customers to access their accounts and take control of their energy on the go. This is especially handy for smart prepayment customers who can top up wherever they are without having to worry about going to the shops.

However, in February 2021, stolen login data was used to access a number of Npower customer apps. Luckily, Npower reacted extremely quickly and shut down the app as soon as they found out. Affected customers will have been contacted and their accounts locked, but it’s unclear how much data was viewed. The app was due to be removed soon as the merge with Eon completes, so it won’t be relaunched.

When the app was running, Android users gave it 3.7/5. While there were a few bugs still (which is expected of most apps), users found the app easy to navigate with informative features including usage comparison graphs and viewing past account activity such as payments and meter readings.

I particularly like the Tracker option. also when sending the readings, the App updates the bill. overall over the 5 years, this App comes to life showing the usage and projections allowing us to see which month we are wasting more energy. - Natinho Lima, Google Play

iOS users seemed to experience a lot more bugs than Android users, giving the app 2.5/5. There were a lot of login and payment issues after the last update, despite having the same interface as the Android version. However, many customers are also happy with the ease of use and features that do work, such as viewing past bills and contacting Npower much more quickly.

I am new to Npower and finding this app very clear and easy to use. As I’m in my 70s this is very important to me. Thank you. - Z2fgh59, The App Store

Now that Npower is being taken over by Eon, you’ll have to download the Eon app using your new account details. However, Eon customers aren’t as pleased with this app as they were Npower.

Our verdict

While Npower is set to finalise its merge with Eon in the next few months, it did have its upsides. From competitive tariffs to its extensive online account features, Npower was deserving of its place in the Big Six.

Taking into account Npower’s customer reviews, external surveys and reviews, and our own experiences with Npower, Utility Switchboard is giving them 3/5.

However, almost all of Npower’s customers have been moved over to Eon already, and due to the fact you can no longer switch to Npower, you might want to see our Eon review instead.

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