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Virgin Media Broadband and TV
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Disclaimer: The information on this page was correct as of August 20, 2021.

Virgin Media broadband flows through its own cables rather than using BT’s infrastructure like other providers, allowing its customers to experience immense download speeds no matter how far away you are from the cabinet.

We’ve brought together some of the most important and useful information for new and existing Virgin Media broadband and TV customers to make the most of their connection. As always, we’ve got you covered!

Virgin Media at a glance

  • Name Virgin Media
  • Customers 8.8 million
  • Max download speed 1130Mbps
  • CEO Lutz Schuler
  • Founded 1970
  • Headquarters Reading, England


Are you an existing Virgin Media broadband customer?

Virgin Media broadband customers can use this page to navigate their account, troubleshoot, and make the most of their broadband speeds.

Virgin Media login

Your Virgin Media account is a great way to manage all of your subscriptions, whether that’s broadband, TV, mobile, or a combination of all of them. You can access your account whenever and wherever you like, which is ideal in such a busy world.

Through your online account you can:

  • View your bills
  • Make payments
  • Check the service in your area
  • View and upgrade your package
  • Watch TV with the TV Go app
  • Change your marketing preferences
  • Track your orders and appointments
  • Download the app
  • Change your details
Register for My Virgin Media

Why can’t I access my account?

If you’re having trouble accessing your online account, there are a few things you can try to get yourself back in.

It may sound overly simple, but the first thing to look into is your username and password. Make sure you’re using the right combination for your My Virgin account and there are no spelling mistakes. If you’re still struggling, you can reset your password here.

Access your Virgin Media account

If you’re still struggling, you can use Virgin Media’s live chat feature on their website or call 0345 454 1111 for help.

Having trouble with your Virgin Media broadband connection?

If you’re struggling to get connected to the internet, there are a few things you can do to get this sorted.

Your first option is to let Virgin check your connection for you, which you can do here. All you need is your postcode and the surname of the account holder. Using this might restart your Virgin Media broadband equipment remotely so don’t panic if your router turns off.

Alternatively, you can try fixing the problem yourself. As with most tech, the first thing to try is switching the router off and back on again. The best way to do this is at the wall but you can also use the power button on your router. Once it’s switched off, leave it for a few minutes and turn it back on again. When the power light turns and stays white, check your connection again and your problem may be solved.

Struggling with your connection?

The most complained about issue when it comes to broadband is slow speeds and dropping connection. We can help you improve both of these if you give us a call today!

If it’s easily accessible, the next thing to try is to connect using a wire rather than wireless. Using a wired connection should also improve the speed of your device’s internet connection if it fixes the problem.

If using a wired connection isn’t convenient or possible, you can try resetting your router. However, you should bear in mind that this will wipe any existing settings, including changes to the password or network name. There should be a reset button in a hole in the back of your router. You’ll need a pen or small pointed object to reach the button as you’ll have to hold it for 10 seconds. Leave the router for a few minutes and try the connection again.

If none of these has worked, you can call Virgin on 0345 454 1111 for help. It may be that there’s a fault on your line and they need to send out an engineer to solve the problem.

What if my speed is too low?

As Virgin Media use their own cables to connect your home directly to the internet, they’re able to offer speeds much, much higher than if you were connected using copper or fibre cables.

Because of this, they offer speeds faster than most people need and shouldn’t have to worry about speeds being slow – even their slowest fibre broadband package promises average download speeds of 54Mbps with their fastest exceeding 1Gbps (1000Mbps).

If you are concerned about your speeds, you can use the Virgin Media speed test to see how fast or slow you’re running. The Virgin Media speed test will tell you your upload speed, download speed, and ping, which you can use to measure your speed.

Take the Virgin Media speed test

Virgin Media guarantees at least 50% of the advertised speed for your broadband. If your download speed falls below this for 3 consecutive days or more and the problem is unable to be fixed within 30 days, you’ll be able to cancel your contract without paying any early disconnection fees.

To talk about slow broadband speeds, you can call Virgin Media broadband on 0345 454 1111. They’ll run their own speed test and give you some tips on how to improve your speeds or send an engineer out to help.

Cancelling Virgin Media broadband

If you want to cancel your broadband package from Virgin Media, you’ll have to give them 30 days’ notice before you can leave. During this period you’ll pay your bill as normal but, if you’re cancelling before the end of your contract, you might have to pay early disconnection fees.

The best way to cancel your package is by calling Virgin Media on 0345 454 1111 (or 150 from a Virgin Media phone).

Alternatively, you can write to:
Virgin Media Sales Operation Support
Diamond Plaza
Daleside Road

Cancellation fees

If you decide to cancel your Virgin Media broadband contract early, you might have to pay early disconnection fees. These will vary depending on the time left on your contract, the services you have, and how much you pay for those services. They’re capped at £240.

These disconnection fees are easy to work out, all you’ll have to pay is the amount you would have paid up to the end of your contract, minus the costs Virgin Media will save from you leaving. For example, if you pay £30 per month, have 5 months left on your contract, and Virgin Media are saving £5, this will be calculated as (£30-£5) x 4 months (because your notice period isn’t included in your exit fees), bringing your early disconnection fees to £100.

It’s worth bearing in mind that you’ll still have to pay these cancellation fees if you move house before the end of your contract.

Are you considering switching to Virgin Media broadband?

Unfortunately, Virgin Media Broadband isn’t available to everyone, however, if it is available to you, you can use the information below to help decide whether or not to switch. Click here to find out if Virgin Media broadband is available where you are.

Virgin Media broadband reviews

Customer reviews can give you an insight into what you’ll be signing up for when you switch your broadband to Virgin Media.

Reviewer Score More information
Trustpilot 2.1 out of 5 | 34,844 reviews 3 out of 5 | 6,621 votes
ISP Review 2 out of 5 | 240 reviews

Customers consistently praise the speed and reliability of Virgin Media’s broadband connection. Both of these are important factors to look into when looking at a new broadband provider so will be extremely attractive to new customers, and it shows that Virgin regularly offers the high speeds it advertises.

However, their customer service is under fire in most Virgin Media Broadband reviews, especially when it comes to cancelling packages. Customers are waiting for a long time to get through to someone or getting a response about their issues. Problems often go round in circles, being passed around different departments and having to repeat the same process over and over.

Virgin Media broadband packages

Virgin Media has a range of different broadband packages depending on what speeds you need. All packages come with intelligent WiFi capable of fixing itself if there’s a problem.

You can opt for one of the broadband-only deals below or you can add TV, phone, and mobile to your package and save money.

Package Price per month Upload speed Download speed
M50 Fibre £28 5Mbps 54Mbps
M100 Fibre £28 10Mbps 108Mbps
M200 Fibre £34 20Mbps 213Mbps
M350 Fibre £40 36Mbps 362Mbps
M500 Fibre £46 36Mbps 516Mbps

Gigabit broadband

Virgin Media is starting to roll out Gigabit broadband across the UK. Select locations could benefit from over 1Gbps (1000Mbps) download speed for just £52 per month. This is enough for everyone to be gaming, steaming in HD and 4K on all your devices, making video calls, and more.

You might be able to get Gigabit broadband from Virgin Media if you’re in:

  1. Belfast
  2. Birmingham
  3. Cardiff
  4. Coventry
  5. Edinburgh
  6. Glasgow
  7. Leeds
  8. Liverpool
  9. London
  10. Manchester
  11. Reading
  12. Southampton

Virgin Media is working on making Gigabit broadband available across the country so, if it’s something you’re interested in, you can register your interest and be the first to know when it’s in your area.

Register your interest

Create your own bundles

If you’re looking for more than just broadband, you might want to look into creating your own package to save money on broadband, TV, and phone lines.

Start with the ‘Big Bundle’ which includes M50 Fibre broadband, a Virgin phone line with free weekend calls, and a Virgin Media TV subscription with 105 TV channels available, as well as Catch-Up and On-Demand.

Then, you can add extra channel packs, including documentaries, drama, sports, cinema, and more. Your first pack costs just £7 and any extras after that will be £5 each. You’ll be able to benefit from Sky and BT channels, as well as international shows and channels.

You can also upgrade your broadband package to anything up to M500 Fibre broadband to speed your home up. If you opt to add Virgin Media mobile to your bundle, you can upgrade your broadband to M600 Fibre or even Gig1 (if it’s available where you live).

Find out more about what Virgin Media has to offer

Switching to Virgin

Switching to Virgin Media is a little different from switching to other broadband providers. This is because Virgin uses its own insulated cables to run its broadband through which will need to be installed to get you online.

The installation of the broadband cables will require a bit of digging on your property and drilling into your building. Virgin suggests that the process should take around 2 hours so someone over 18 will have to be home while the work is ongoing.

If you’ve already had Virgin Media broadband installed at your house (whether that was you or the old owner/tenant), an engineer might not be needed and you might be able to set up your new connection yourself with a QuickStart self-install pack. However, if you have trouble with this, an engineer can help you out if you call the number in the installation pack.

Your contract with your old provider will still need to be cancelled, but Virgin Media should be able to do this for you. You’ll still have to pay any bills and fees to your old provider until your switch date.

For help switching call Utility Switchboard on…

020 3049 5898

Are you an existing Virgin Media TV customer?

If you’re already a Virgin Media TV customer, you can use this page to navigate your way through your account, apps, and everything to do with your Virgin TV.

Download the My Virgin Media app

Virgin Media customers can use the new My Virgin Media app to access all of their accounts in one place whenever they need to.

Through the app, you can:

  • Manage your accounts
  • Contact Virgin Media
  • Check your package and tariff information
  • View your bills
  • Make payments
  • Check your service status
  • Run tests on your Virgin Media equipment
  • Track orders

The app works on devices with iOS 11 and above or Android 6.0 and above.

Download for Android
Download for iOS


If you have a Virgin TV subscription, you can take advantage of Virgin TV Go. It’s available to all Virgin TV customers.

With TV Go, you can watch all your favourite shows from your phone, tablet, or PC. Whether you’re watching shows live, on-demand, or offline there are over 100 channels available on TV Go, including Sky channels, BT Sport, Fox, and more depending on your package.

Two devices can watch TV Go at a time but you can have up to 5 registered to your account. To register a device, simply sign in with your primary My Virgin Media login details on your new device and you’ll be walked through the process of registering and unregistering devices.

Download for Android
Download for iOS
Watch online

To use TV Go, you’ll have to be subscribed to a Virgin TV subscription that is connected to your My Virgin Media account.

Why can’t I access TV Go?

If you’re having trouble accessing your TV Go, there might be a problem with your My Virgin Media login details. Make sure you’re using the right email and password combination and that there are no spelling mistakes. If you’ve forgotten your details or are sure they’re correct but aren’t, you can try resetting your password here and find out your username here. To find your username, you’ll need your account number and area reference which can be found on your bill.

If you haven’t set up a My Virgin Media account, you’ll be prompted to create one when you download the app. It may be the case that you haven’t set up an account yet. All you need to register is your account number and area reference, both of which you can find on your bill.

TV Go is compatible with iOS 9 and above, Android 6.0, and most browsers. If you’re using a browser, the TV Go player will open in a pop-up window so it may simply be that the pop-up has been blocked. Make sure that pop-ups are allowed on the TV Go website.

If you’re still having trouble, you can use the live chat option on Virgin Media’s website for help.

Setting up Virgin TV

If you have a TV 360 box, Virgin will send you a text when you’re ready to get set up. You’ll have to reply ‘Go’ to this text before you start. If you don’t get a text, you should call 0800 953 9500. If you have a V6, you won’t get a text so you can get set up straight away.

  1. Set up your broadband by plugging both the white cable with the blue and the power cable into the router.
  2. Plug one end of the yellow ethernet cable into the router and the other to the TV box.
  3. Plug one end of the HDMI cable into the TV and the other into the TV box.
  4. Connect the power cable to the TV box
  5. Turn the box on, pull the tab out of the remote and follow the on-screen instructions

Why is my TV remote not working?

If you have more than one Virgin TV box, the first thing you should do is check you’re using the right remote. Only one remote will work with each box and cannot be used to control others boxes.

If this isn’t the case, check the batteries. If the light on the box doesn’t flash when you press the button, the batteries may have died. You should receive a warning on the TV when the batteries are running low so you’ll have plenty of warning to change the batteries.

The next thing to try is resetting your remote. If you have a TV360 box, press and hold the TV and rewind buttons for 10 seconds. Then point it at the box and hold the TV and 0 buttons for 10 seconds. If you have a V6 box, hold the TV and clear buttons until the light on the remote flashes twice. Then press the thumbs down button three times and OK twice.

If you’re still having issues, you can call 0345 454 1111 for help.

Virgin TV Control app

If you have a V6 or TiVo box, you can also control your TV from the Virgin TV Control app.

The TV Control app lets Virgin TV customers:

  • Change channels
  • Browse the TV guide
  • Manage and stream recordings
  • Control your TV
  • Use your phone or tablet as an extra remote

To use the Virgin TV Control app, your device will need to have iOS 12 and higher or Android 6.0 and higher. You can use it on as many devices as you like from wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection.

Download for Android
Download for iOS

Are you considering upgrading to Virgin Media TV?

If you already have Virgin Media broadband, you might have considered upgrading to a broadband and TV package. Here, we’ve got some information to help make the decision easier.

Why Virgin?

With Virgin Media, you can get the best of Sky and BT channels alongside Virgin Media exclusive channels and all your subscription and catch-up services such as Netflix, iPlayer, and YouTube in one place. Customers can also take advantage of the Virgin Media Store to buy and rent TV shows and films, sometimes while they’re still in the cinema.

With some of the fastest and most reliable broadband speeds available, adding TV to your broadband package could save you a lot of money over buying the two services separately or from different providers.

Virgin TV reviews

Before switching providers, it’s important to look into their reviews so you know what you’re getting into. It’s worth noting that most people only turn to review sites when they’re unhappy rather than praising the company, so these should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Reviewer Score More information
Trustpilot 2.1 out of 5 | 34,844 reviews 1.17 out of 5 | 1,330 reviews
Tech Radar 4 out of 5

Virgin Media customers are a lot more satisfied with their TV packages than their broadband. They consistently praise the reliability and prices of the TV packages, even if they’re one of the few who are having trouble with their Virgin Media broadband.

However, just like broadband customers, Virgin Media TV customers often comment on bills being higher than expected or being asked to pay extra fees, especially if they’ve already cancelled. Cancelling Virgin Media TV can prove tricky, however, this could be due to customers not fully understanding the terms of their contract.

TV packages

Start with the Big Bundle, which includes TV, M50 Fibre broadband, and a phone line for £33 per month. Then, you can add as many extra channel packs as you like. Your first basic pack costs £7 per month, and any extras you add after that will cost £5 each per month. Premium packs will cost a little more depending on which you choose.

Basic packs Premium packs
Documentaries Sky Sports and Cinema
Drama Kids picks
Lifestyle BT Sport
Sport Lite International picks
Adult picks
Find out more about Virgin Media TV packages

How to switch to Virgin TV

If Virgin Media TV sounds like something you’d be interested in, you can compare deals online. Alternatively, you can change your package through your My Virgin Media online account if you’re an existing customer.

For more help switching...

Give us a call and we'll walk you through your options. We have handpicked a fantastic panel of providers in a number of home utilities, giving you a great choice of vetted options, taking all of the leg work out of switching.

0203 048 4598

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