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TalkTalk Broadband
Packages, Products & Tariffs

Disclaimer: The information on this page was correct as of August 20, 2021.

TalkTalk broadband is known to be one of the more affordable options on the market at the moment. While the speeds available are very similar to other providers, the prices are extremely competitive. Here, we’re comparing some of the most popular TalkTalk broadband deals to help you decide when you switch.


TalkTalk broadband deals

TalkTalk has a range of different broadband packages to suit anyone’s needs. With speeds ranging from 11Mbps to over 900Mbps.

Package Fast Broadband Fibre 35 Fibre 65 Fibre 150 Ultrafast Fibre 500 Ultrafast
Price £22.95 £23 £25 £29.95 £35
Contract length 18 months 18 months 18 months 18 months 18 months
Out-of-contract price £30 £29.95 £29.95 £29.95 £35
Upload speed 1Mbps 9Mbps 18Mbps 25Mbps 75Mbps
Download speed 11Mbps 38Mbps 67Mbps 145Mbps 506Mbps
Best for… Low internet use Browsing and streaming Streaming and gaming Heavy internet use Heavy internet use

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TalkTalk UFO (Ultra Fibre Optics)

TalkTalk is currently upgrading its Full Fibre network to be able to offer speeds of up to 900Mbps.

Download speed 900Mbps
Upload speed 900Mbps
Price £36

UFO is a Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) broadband package, meaning that 100% of the cables connecting your home to the network are fibre optics rather than having fibre cables to the cabinet and the older copper wires between the cabinet and your home.

TalkTalk UFO is currently only available in select areas of the UK as tests, however, should be available elsewhere in the future.

See if TalkTalk UFO is available in your area

If you opt for TalkTalk UFO, you’ll have to have engineers out to get you up and running. This is because the cables may need to be installed underground so a small trench will have to be dug through your driveway or garden. Alternatively, it may be possible to use the existing Openreach overhead poles.

There are a few things you’ll have to bear in mind when it comes to the installation process:

  • It will take around 2 hours to complete
  • If you don’t own your home, you’ll need permission from your landlord
  • You can rearrange your appointment up to 12pm the working day before your appointment, otherwise, you may be charged
  • Your TalkTalk wifi hub and UFO homeport will need to be plugged into two sockets near each other in the room you use your internet the most

Homeworker broadband

It’s estimated that a loss of broadband connection could cost a business over £900 per hour so it’s important that homeworkers have a strong broadband connection and high enough speeds. With an increase in flexible working in the modern world, TalkTalk offers a broadband package tailored to those working from home.

The Homeworker broadband gives you a second broadband line with an average download speed of 67Mbps and increased upload speeds. This makes sure that your wifi connection won’t be affected by other household members streaming, gaming, or browsing on multiple devices.

You’ll also benefit from business-grade support, available 7 days a week. This includes help with your connection, tech support, help with your router, and any other broadband and landline-related issues.

All you have to do to switch to TalkTalk’s Homeworker broadband is call 0800 049 2371.


Whichever TalkTalk broadband deal you opt for, there is a range of extras you can add to personalise your package.

TalkTalk TV and broadband deals

If you’re looking into switching to TalkTalk, you might also be considering upgrading to TalkTalk TV. Adding this to your broadband deal costs just £4 extra per month and comes with:

  • Over 80 live channels
  • Access to NOW TV and Netflix (if you subscribe)
  • Access to most catch-up TV apps (iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4 etc)
  • The ability to pause and rewind live TV
  • An extra TV box to watch in 2 rooms at once (£25 set-up fee)

In the past, TalkTalk TV has offered its own, personalised ‘boosts’ with extra channels and packs to choose from, however, it has since stopped these and opted to work with NOW TV instead. Because of this, TalkTalk broadband and TV customers can receive discounts on NOW TV passes.

Pass Entertainment Cinema Sports Boost
Original price £9.99 £9.99 £33.99 £3
Discounted price £5.99 £6.99 £20 £1.98
Discount 40% 30% 41% 33%

When you sign up for TalkTalk TV, you’ll be sent a voucher to put towards your chosen pass. Simply enter this code when you subscribe for the pass and you can start watching through your TV box or the NOW TV app.

Find out more about TalkTalk TV

Fixed Price Plus

TalkTalk has promised that the price of its broadband and TV packages won’t increase mid-contract. Despite this, many customers have recently seen an increase and, from 2022, the prices will continue to increase every April in line with inflation (plus 3.7%).

They’ve instead introduced ‘Fixed Price Plus’. This will mean that the annual increases won’t apply throughout their contract and there will be no increase to the RRP after your contract is up. However, this will cost an extra £2 per month unless you opt for one of the Fibre Ultrafast packages, which come with Fixed Price Plus included.

Broadband security

All of TalkTalk’s Ultrafast broadband packages come with added ‘SuperSafe’ broadband security from F-Secure.

With SuperSafe, you have:

  • Protection on up to 10 devices
  • An extra level of security when shopping and banking online
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware protection
  • The ability to block websites and set screen time limits
  • Privacy scans on your apps
  • The ability to locate, lock, and wipe your lost devices (Android only)
  • Password Manager and protection

If you’re not on an Ultrafast broadband package, you can add Supersafe for an extra £4 per month to stay safe online.

TalkTalk WiFi extender kit

If one of the rooms in your house has a weak wifi connection, TalkTalk might suggest installing extenders to boost the signal and increase speeds in rooms further away from the router.

Each kit is made of two parts: a network connector and a wifi extender.

The network connector connects directly to your router via an ethernet cable to help boost the signal. The wifi extender then connects wirelessly to the connector from wherever you plug it in to improve your connection. You can add as many extenders as you like to make sure your TalkTalk WiFi connection is as strong as it can be.

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