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Sky Broadband
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Disclaimer: The information on this page was correct as of August 20, 2021.

With so many Sky Broadband deals to choose from, how do you know which is best? We’re here to compare Sky’s most popular products and tariffs to help you decide when you switch. As always, we’ve got you covered.


Sky Broadband packages

There are currently 3 Sky Broadband packages available for customers to switch to: Essential, Superfast, and Ultrafast. Each tariff comes with Sky Talk (Pay As You Go) and is designed to suit different customers, giving them the best price for their internet usage.

Have a look at some of the current Sky Broadband deals and if they suit you.

Sky Essential Sky Superfast Sky Ultrafast
Contract price (18 months) £25 £26 £35
Out-of-contract price £27 £32 £44
Set-up fee £19.95 £19.95 £19.95
Speed Guarantee No Yes Yes
Download speed 11Mbps 59Mbps 145Mbps
Upload speed 1Mbps 16Mbps 27Mbps
Best for… Basic online tasks Heavy internet use Multi-device internet use

Sky Superfast and Ultrafast are both fibre options, meaning that they may not be available in all areas yet, but should be in the near future. Fibre is being rolled out across the country, improving speeds as we rely more and more on the internet in our daily lives.


Often, there are optional added extras you can choose for your broadband package to make it better for you and your pocket. As a large, multi-service provider, Sky has a huge range of add-ons available to improve your broadband deal, from TV bundles to subscription services.

Sky TV and broadband bundles

Broadband bundles allow customers to save money on their broadband and TV packages when they’re bought together. It’s well-known that Sky TV is very highly-priced, so it’s no surprise their TV and broadband bundles are a popular choice.

These bundles come with Sky TV, either superfast or ultrafast broadband, Netflix, and Pay as You Talk home phone service. There are also a number of different TV extras available to add to your bundles, such as sports, cinema, kids’ channels, multi-screen, and HD.

Compare TV and broadband deals

Sky Broadband Boost

Sky Broadband Boost can be added to any of the three broadband packages for £5 per month. It’s a guarantee that your broadband will be reliable throughout your contract and comes with many different features.

Sky Broadband Boost comes with:

  • WiFi guarantee – If you experience speeds less than 3Mbps in any room of your house, you’ll receive money back on your Boost subscription
  • Free evening and weekend engineer visits – If something goes wrong and you need an engineer to come out, you won’t have to wait around all day. With Boost, you can have engineers out in the evening or at weekends for no extra cost
  • Daily speed checks – Sky will conduct remote speed checks every day between 12am and 3am to make sure you’re getting the speeds you should be. If there are any issues, Sky will let you know and get them fixed
  • Access to Sky Broadband Buddy – This allows you to control your children’s screen time from an app. Find out more about the Broadband Buddy below
  • Extra mobile data – If your broadband drops out, you’ll receive an extra 2GB of data on your Sky Mobile deal to help cover it
  • Updated routers – If you don’t already have the latest Sky router, they will upgrade it for you for no added cost

You can upgrade to Boost through your online account or by calling 08007 591 263.

Sky Broadband Buddy

Sky Broadband Buddy lets you control and manage each screen in your home from an app on your phone or tablet (iOS 12 and later or Android 6.0 and later). It’s almost like a remote for the internet.

You can do all kinds of things with Broadband Buddy, including:

  • Setting different restrictions for different people
  • Setting time limits
  • Temporarily pause internet usage for different profiles
  • See their location when they’re not home
  • View everyone’s internet history (even in incognito or private mode)
Download for Android
Download for iOS

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can choose whether to set the device as a parent or child. If you set it as a child app, you’ll be able to manage the device from the parent app, even when it’s not at home. You’ll need to set the child app up if you want to do this or track the location.

Through the parent app, you can set up different profiles for different people in your household and manage each separately, setting up individual filters, off-times, and usage limits.

Set up Sky Broadband Buddy


Sky VIP is Sky’s loyalty programme available to all TV, broadband, and mobile customers. It’s free to join, and you get access to exclusive experiences, devices, and tickets – the longer you’re a Sky VIP, the better rewards you’ll get.

  • Silver VIPs (customers who have been with Sky for less than 3 years) can get tickets to exclusive experiences and a Sky VR set
  • Gold VIPs (customers who have been with Sky for 3-8 years), on top of the silver rewards, can benefit from free fibre set-up and Sky Go Extra
  • Platinum VIPs (customers who have been with Sky for 8-15 years) can benefit from all of these as well as rewards on Sky Mobile and Sky Q
  • Diamond VIPs (customers who have been with Sky for over 15 years) can also receive exclusive discounts on a Sky Soundbox and shorter wait times to contact Sky customer service

Eligible customers should have already been set up as a Sky VIP, but if you haven’t, you can do so through the My Sky app, where you can also access all of your rewards.

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