Virgin Media warns customers to keep routers out of the sun

In the midst of the UK heatwave, customers have been warned to keep their Virgin Media router out of the sun to stop it from overheating.

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In the midst of the UK’s extreme heat warnings, Virgin Media issues its own warning for customers to keep their WiFi routers out of direct sunlight in case they overheat.

With the heatwave set to continue, Virgin sent an email to all of their broadband customers with advice on how to keep their router and broadband connection safe in the heat.

What did Virgin Media say?

In a recent post, Virgin Media said:

Nobody wants hot Hub summer! Although we test our Hubs carefully at a range of temperatures, they are better off out of bright sunlight.

“To find a good place for the Hub…

  • Don’t hide the Hub away, place it upright somewhere it can breathe.
  • Always keep the Hub indoors in a cool place, out of bright sunlight.”

Despite the warning, a Virgin Media representative told the BBC that there has been “no widespread issue” of hubs overheating in the current heatwave.

Why should you keep your router out of the sun?

As the electric current runs through your router, it’s already generating heat. Keeping your router near the window then comes with the added heat of the sun coming through the glass, increasing the temperature even more.

If the Hub gets too hot, it could slow down your connection or even grind to a halt altogether.

With no cooling system, if your broadband router overheats, you could see multiple problems, including:

  • Slower speeds
  • Dropping connection
  • Loss of connection
  • Shorter WiFi reach

However, according to ISP Review, most routers can work perfectly fine in temperatures around 40C so a UK heatwave shouldn’t pose a problem.

Where should you keep your router?

So if you shouldn’t put your router in direct sunlight, where should you put it?

  • Place it out in the open - Don’t hide your router away in a cupboard just to get it out of the sun. This could prevent the signal from getting through and result in a bad connection.
  • Keep it cool - Virgin Media is right, keeping your router inside and cool will have the best effect on your router, no matter where else in the home it’s kept.
  • Elevate it - Keep your router on a non-reflective shelf or sideboard so the signals create a more comprehensive coverage and aren’t immediately absorbed into the ground.
  • Place it centrally - Routers transmit the signals in a circle so, to ensure connection around the whole home, keep it in a central location, keeping the strongest connection in the home rather than outside.
  • Keep it where you use the internet most - If a central location doesn’t reach the areas where you use the internet most heavily. You can always boost the signals to other rooms with WiFi boosters and extenders.

Most of us don’t move our routers from where they were installed. However, you should experiment with different locations to find the best place to put your router.

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