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Disclaimer: The information on this page was correct as of August 20, 2021.

Getting in touch with the right person at your energy company can be a tough task. That’s why we’ve brought together all the Together Energy contact methods you need to help fix your problems. As always, we’ve got you covered.

First of all, what do you want to do?

Submit a meter reading

Submitting meter readings is an important task to make sure you’re not overpaying for your energy. As long as you submit your readings regularly, you’ll receive an accurate bill based solely on the energy you’ve actually used.

If you don’t submit readings, you’ll receive an estimated bill of how much Together Energy thinks you’ve used based on previous bills and usage.

You can submit your meter readings easily through your online account or by emailing

Submit meter readings

Even if you have a smart meter, you might have to send your meter readings manually for the time being. As Together Energy isn’t installing smart meters at the moment, your smart meter might temporarily lose its smart features.

Get a new top-up key or card

When you switch to Together Energy, you should get your new electricity key or gas card in the post 5 days before they’re due to take over. If you haven’t received one by then, you should call 0141 846 1520. Don’t use your old key or card to top up unless you think you’ll run out of credit before you receive your new one.

If you’ve lost your key or card or it doesn’t work, you should call Together Energy on 0141 846 1520 or email so they can send one out as soon as possible.

Bear in mind you might be charged a small fee for each replacement.

Paying bills and topping up

Together Energy’s preferred payment method is by direct debit – they even give discounts if you opt for this. However, you can also pay through your online account if you have to pay a bit extra to cover increased energy usage.

If you have a prepayment meter, you can top up both meters at either a PayPoint or a Payzone. You can also top your gas card up at a Post Office, but not your electricity key.

Find your nearest top-up point below:

Move into a new house

Moving house can be a stressful time, especially if you don’t know what to do next.

Set your utilities up in your new home!

Let us set everything up for you and leave you with one less thing to think about when moving house! Give us a call now, sit back and let us do the work.

If you’re moving out of a house supplied by Together Energy, contact them through your online account or via email to let them know.

They’ll just need a few details from you to create your final bill and make sure you’re no longer paying for the energy used at the property. Bear in mind that you might also have to pay exit fees if you haven’t reached the end of your contract.

If you email Together Energy about moving house, you’ll have to let them know:

  • Your contact details
  • Your current address
  • Your new address
  • Your moving date
  • Your closing meter readings
  • Contact details of your landlord/new owners (if you know)

If you want to bring Together Energy with you to your new home, you’ll have to get a new quote. You can get your new quote either through the website or by calling Together Energy on 0141 846 1521. Depending on the location and size of your new home, your rates and standing charges could go up or down.

If you move into a house supplied by Together Energy, you should receive a welcome pack through the post encouraging you to set up your account. You’ll have to do this even if you want to switch providers as you’ll be responsible for paying for any energy used between your move-in date and the switching date.

All you have to do to switch is contact the provider you want to switch to and they’ll take care of the rest. It should take around 3 weeks for the switch to be completed and you’ll have to pay any energy used in this period to Together Energy.

How to report a power cut or gas leak

There’s never a good time for a power cut to occur, and you definitely want to report a gas leak straight away.

Did you know…

Your energy supplier isn’t responsible for dealing with power cuts or anything electrical or gas-related other than the billing of your usage. Your distribution network operator is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the electric and gas networks up and down the country.

If you’ve had a power cut, you should report it to your Distribution Network Operator (DNO). You can either use the Power Cut Helpline on 105 who will put you through to your DNO. If it’s already been reported, you can also use this number to find updates.

If there’s been a gas leak, you can call the National Gas Helpline on 0800 111 999. Turn off your gas supply, open all of the doors and windows, and get outside for some fresh air.

If you think there’s been a carbon monoxide leak, you should also call a doctor to be tested for carbon monoxide poisoning, even if you’re feeling fine. If anyone starts feeling ill at all, call 999.

Together Energy complaints

There are a lot of Together Energy complaints across review sites, but if you have a complaint, you should take it straight to Together Energy first.

To send your complaint to Together Energy, you can:

  • Call 0141 846 1520
  • Email
  • Write to or visit:
    Complaints Team at Together Energy
    1st Floor
    Erskine House
    Clydebank Business Park
    G81 2DR

All Together Energy complaints will be responded to with a plan of action, including an explanation, an apology, and/or what they can do to fix the problem. They aim to resolve most complaints within 48 hours, however, some can take longer depending on the nature of the complaint.

Despite this, according to their latest complaints handling data, only 13% of complaints were resolved within 1 working day and 49% were resolved within 8 weeks (the target timeframe for all energy companies).

If you’re unhappy with how your complaint was handled or wasn’t resolved within 8 weeks, you can either ask for it to be escalated to the management team or contact the Energy Ombudsman either online or by calling 0330 440 1624.

I want to talk about something else

If there’s something else you want to talk about, you can use the Together Energy contact numbers and links below to find the answer to your question.

Method Number/link
Customer service 0141 846 1520
Sales and renewals 0141 846 1521
Write to or visit: Together Energy
1st Floor
Erskine House
Clydebank Business Park
G81 2DR
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