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Disclaimer: The information on this page was correct as of August 23, 2021.

Shell Energy Retail Limited began as First Utility in 2008 and was rebranded to its current name in 2019 after it’s acquisition in 2018 by Royal Dutch Shell. Previously and at the time of the buyout, First Utility were right on the heels of the ‘Big Six’, as the 7th largest utility provider in the UK. Shell Energy now provide 100% renewable energy to its customers and was the first in the UK to introduce smart meters.

Read on to find out what it is Shell Energy can offer and what the common queries are, asked by their customers. As always, we’ve got you covered!

Shell Energy at a glance

  • Name Shell Energy
  • Customers 1.5 million
  • % Renewable 100% renewable
  • CEO Colin Crooks
  • Founded 2015
  • Headquarters London, England


Are you an existing Shell Energy customer?

If your home energy is provided by Shell Energy, find your needs met here. Queries regarding account login, getting in touch with Shell Energy customer service and alternative contact methods, such as email and live chat are all answered here.

Shell Energy login

Using an online account to manage your dealings with your energy provider makes many functions more easily accessible.

With your online account, you can do more than just view your bills, you can also make payments, submit meter readings, monitor your energy usage, and so much more. Furthermore, the Shell Energy online portal also provides a service called My Energy. It is set up to have a host of energy-saving tips at your disposal.

All you need to activate your online account is your account number (which can be found on any recent letter or bill), email address, and a memorable password.

Login to your Shell Energy account

Why can’t I access my online account?

Failed Shell Energy login attempts are usually down to incorrect details being entered. That is sometimes the email address but is more often than not the wrong password being entered. Fortunately, this can be helped by resetting said info to get access back.

This reset is handled promptly via Shell Energy customer service online. If you’re having this problem, click the link below to reset your Shell Energy login details.

Reset your password

Alternatively, Shell Energy has another login service that can grant access to your account with relative ease. If you’ve tried to login and reset your password but are still having trouble, a notification will pop up saying ’email me a link to log in instantly’.

Simply enter your email address in the box and you’ll receive an email from Shell with a link that opens your account to you instantly. No password necessary.

Q – What is My Energy?

My Energy is a tool to increase your insight into your energy usage. It allows for the understanding of your home energy usage and also how you can save money based on its findings.

With this tool, customers can use data collected to make more informed decisions. You may also compare your energy usage against those in similar homes to yourself to get an idea of where you stand in your energy-saving journey.

New customers are required to have at least two months worth of energy readings with Shell Energy in order for valid information to be displayed. After the given two months you are granted full access to their energy-saving tools.

Use the link below to access the Shell Energy My Energy page directly.

Access My Energy

Topping up your prepayment meter

If you are a Shell Energy customer currently using or planning to pay for their fuels through prepayment, use this resource to get up to scratch with how the system works and where you can top up your credit.

Q – Where do I buy Credit?

Shell Energy provides a list of your nearest outlets that provide prepayment top-up service upon receipt of your card/key. You can find your closest one using these links:

The credit you buy will be added to your key or card. You can put up to £49 on your key/card at a time, in whole pounds and you can have up to £249 credit on your gas meter, and £255 credit on your electricity meter

Always make sure you use Shell Energy electricity keys or gas cards for Shell Energy accounts only. Using another supplier’s prepayment items may not apply to your account or, worst case, you could be charged the wrong rates. Also, make sure you only top up from authorised outlets and never from anyone visiting your home.

Transferring credit to your gas meter

To top up your gas meter, simply insert your prepayment card into the slot in the meter. Press the Red Button A to apply the credit you’ve bought.

If the screen on your meter displays ‘OFF’, it means the safety valve closed when your meter last ran out of credit. To resolve this, open the safety valve to get your gas back up and running.

To open the safety valve:

  • Make sure you’ve switched all of your gas appliances off.
  • Insert your card into the meter
  • Press and hold the Red Button A
  • For confirmation you will hear an audible ‘beep’. Furthermore, the safety valve opening will trigger your meter display changing to ‘ON’. This is the point your gas supply is restored and the credit will transfer from your card to your meter.

Transferring credit to your electricity meter

  • First, insert your payment key into your meter. The screen will show the balance currently present on the key.
  • After a short delay, this value will transfer onto your meter covering any debt and showing a standing balance.
  • The key must be inserted for no less than 5 seconds to ensure the meter is credited.

Q – What if I can’t top up?

In cases where you cannot top up your prepayment meter(s), there is an emergency credit provision.

What this means is that you ‘borrow’ money from the meter if your credit is running low. Shell Energy’s standard emergency credit amount is £5 and is only available once your balance falls below £1. Bear in mind that you will have to pay this back with your next top up.

Activating emergency credit for your gas supply is quite simple. Firstly, insert your card into the meter and then press the Red Button A. Your meter at this point should say “Emergency credit in use” and your Emergency Credit is in use.

To utilise emergency credit insert your electricity key into your meter once the balance shown is below £1. The meter will trigger the emergency credit provision and display an ‘E’ to show it has entered emergency credit.

What your meter will display:

What it shows What it means
A or 1 How much you have left before your emergency credit runs out eg. £4.50E (the E stands for ’emergency’)
B or 2 How much you need to credit your key before you get it back to normal, eg. £7.00

I want a Smart Meter

Smart meters are becoming the apparent, efficient way to handle energy reading and submission; with meter readings being sent to your energy company and freeing you of the chore. One less thing to think about in regards to your home energy management.

On top of that, having a smart meter means you have your energy usage and how much you are spending on energy, on display, at a glance – courtesy of the handheld in-home display unit you’ll receive. This opens the door to effectively budget your energy use for additional control over your household and how much you’re spending.

Some benefits of Smart Meters include:

  • You’ll only pay for energy you’ve used, meaning no more estimated bills.
  • There is no additional cost for installation of your smart meter.
  • Clarity in seeing where you could save money.

Automatic meter readings!

Did you know that with a smart meter you’ll never have to submit a meter reading again! 100% accurate bills, all the time. Give us a call to find out more about automatic meter readings.

In order to have a smart meter installed, there are a few factors to keep in mind:

  • Yourself or a responsible adult must be present in the home while the installers work, even if your meter is outside.
  • Two hours is the estimated time for smart meter installation.
  • For safety reasons, they may need to switch off your gas and electricity supply for about 30 minutes each so please choose a date and time when you can be without power for this long.

To upgrade to a smart meter, simply click the button below, which will take you to Shell Energy’s smart meter page.

Request a smart meter

Why does my Shell Energy smart meter keep beeping?

Unfortunately, your smart meter can’t always tell you why it’s beeping. However, we have a few ideas of what could be going on.

If your meter is beeping continuously, there are two things that could be wrong. Number one is that your in-home display is running out of battery. The best way to fix this is to simply plug it back into the wall to charge it. We recommend keeping it plugged in all the time to avoid this problem as the display uses very little energy and is an extremely handy tool.

The second thing that could be wrong is that your in-home display has lost connection to your meter. This is likely because they’re too far apart. Try moving your in-home display closer to the meter and see what happens. If you live in a block of flats with a communal cupboard for meters, it could be that your flat is too high up and far away to reach, however, most of the time it’s as simple as moving it across the room.

If the beeping is only once every few days, it’s likely to do with your spending. It could be that your meter is running low on credit and needs a quick top-up, which you can do from the comfort of your home through the app or your online account. Alternatively, it could be that your smart meter is letting you know that you’ve reached or gone over your daily budget. If you don’t want this alert, you can change your budget through your in-home display.

Are you considering switching to Shell Energy?

For those who are thinking about switching to Shell Energy for their gas and electricity supply, we’ve gathered relevant information for your consideration. Find all you need to know to decide whether Shell Energy is the right choice for you.


In managing your account and having a streamlined experience in terms of submitting meter readings and accuracy of billing, Shell scores reasonably high. As it has an app with a meter readings function, there is little need for estimated bills giving skewed data.

Shell Energy customer service in particular has had both positive and negative reviews – their response times and resolution time scales can either bear quick response times or noticeable delays.

Reviewer Score More information
Trustpilot 3.9 out of 5 | 50,698 reviews
Which? 63% overall score
Google Reviews 1.2 out of 5 | 179 reviews

Many of Shell Energy’s positive customer reviews centre around bill accuracy and clarity. Their consistency on this front make them reliable in terms of managing money around energy bills.

Shell Energy’s negative reviews concern their customer service for the most part. While their functional operations appear to work efficiently enough, they rate poorly amongst their competition. This can be attributed to their response times, with some customer’s comments reading “It takes forever to get through to them”. They are by no means the worst but as one of the bigger energy suppliers in the country there is room for improvement.


Shell Energy has a range of different tariffs available to suit your needs. Some of their perks are applicable to all their tariffs, giving incentive to being supplied by them. Find a breakdown below of those available.

Shell Energy has several fixed tariffs that span over 13, 25, and 36 months. All tariffs offer 100% renewable energy as standard. All tariffs offered have the extra incentive of a reward system through Shell Go+ and a discount on broadband if also supplied by Shell.

See below how much you could save when you switch with Utility Switchboard.

Shell’s fixed tariffs, as expected, have static prices for their duration at which point they transition into a variable tariff. At this point you have the opportunity to switch onto a new fixed tariff, renewing your contract. If you choose to change your tariff or switch provider before the end of your contract there is an exit fee incurred. This ranges from £30-£50 per fuel dependent on which tariff you’re on.

The flexible tariff from Shell Energy is the only plan to have no exit fee and is the plan you default to once any of the fixed tariffs end without action. While there is no end date or exit fees, your fuel prices on this plan are subject to change, meaning you can’t rely on your monthly bills being a consistent price.

To make sure you’re on the best tariff for you, call Utility Switchboard on 020 3992 7717.

Fuel Mix

As an electricity provider in the UK, companies are now required to have available to the public their Fuel Mix Disclosure, which details the sources of the electricity generation for their supply. This topic is growing interest in the industry and national benchmarks and thresholds are being implemented to battle climate change and focus on the importance of maintaining the environment. Especially in regards to having a suitable level of renewable energy resources.

As such, the following chart illustrates how Shell Energy’s fuel mix is distributed.

Shell Energy Warm Home Discount

The Warm Home Discount is a Government-led scheme to help those who need help with their increased energy bills over the winter. Shell Energy is able to offer a £140 rebate towards the electricity costs of those who qualify in England, Scotland and Wales.

Get £140 from the Warm Home Discount

Let us guide you through the Warm Home Discount and find you the right tariff that can also give you an additional £140 from the Warm Home Discount.

Customers who are eligible for the Shell Energy Warm Home Discount are those who are in circumstances leading to fuel poverty. The criteria to qualify is government-stated and can place eligible customers into one of two distinct categories; these being the CORE group or the BROADER group.

Core group customers are those who receive the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit. Customers of the Core Group should be contacted annually to confirm eligibility and receipt of the rebate.

Broader Group customers are typically low-income households, or in receipt of means-tested benefits, such as Jobseekers’ allowance, Universal Credit or Income support. This group must apply for the rebate each year and it is operated on a first come first served basis.

Find out if you qualify for the Shell Energy Warm Home Discount and how to apply through the following link.

Find out more about Shell Energy’s Warm Home Discount

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