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Disclaimer: The information on this page was correct as of August 20, 2021.

Good Energy was founded in 1999 as the UK’s first 100% renewable energy company. They own their own solar and wind farms (one of which was the first commercial wind farm in the UK) as well as sourcing hydropower and bioenergy from generators across the UK.

New and existing customers can use this page to find out if Good Energy is the provider for you and help take control of your energy. As always, we’ve got you covered.

Good Energy at a glance

  • Name Good Energy
  • Customers 260,000
  • % Renewable 100% renewable
  • CEO Julie Davenport
  • Founded 1999
  • Headquarters Chippenham, England


Are you an existing Good Energy customer?

Existing Good Energy customers can use this page to manage their energy usage and spending with answers to some of the most common questions.

Good Energy login

As a 100% renewable energy provider, Good Energy encourages their customers to go paperless and receive bills and other communications through their online account or the app.

But your online account is more than just for viewing bills, there are a range of different handy features, such as:

  • Make payments
  • Submit meter readings
  • Submit Feed-In Tariff payments
  • Change your details
  • Download your bills
  • View your energy usage
  • View your balance
  • Contact Good Energy
Register for an online account

Why can’t I access my account?

Good Energy has recently introduced a new password system, meaning that you’ll have to set up a new password to access your online account. Any passwords you’ve used for your Good Energy account in the past will no longer work after 28th January, so make sure you set up a new one, which you can do here.

Another reason you might not be able to access your account is that you’re entering the wrong Good Energy login details. Check for spelling mistakes and that you’re using the right login combination. You can reset your password here.

If you’re still having trouble, you can contact the Good Energy team who can help you with your Good Energy login problems and get you back into your online account.

Access your account

Making payments and topping up

With Good Energy, there are several different ways you can pay your gas and electricity bills:

  • Direct debit
  • Cheque
  • Credit/debit card (call 0800 254 0000 or through your online account)
  • Bank transfer (sort code: 30-91-99 account number: 00463501)

If you have a prepayment meter, you can top up your electricity key or gas card at any PayPoint, Payzone, or Post Office. You can top up between £1 and £49 at any one time.

How to get a new key or card

It’s important to keep an eye on your top-up key and card to make sure you stay on supply. But sometimes things go wrong, whether they get lost or damaged.

If you need a replacement, you should call Good Energy on 0800 254 0000. They’ll give you a reference number to take to your local PayPoint or Payzone and pick up your replacement, but if you can’t get to the shop, they can arrange for one to be posted (which may take up to three working days to arrive).

If you pick up your replacement from the shop, you might have to go home and activate your new key or card before you can top it up.

What if I can’t top up?

If you can’t top-up for whatever reason, your meter will hold a little bit of extra credit for you to use until you can. This is called ‘emergency credit’. Each of your Good Energy meters will hold £5 worth of emergency credit which you can access when your credit falls below £1.

To use your electricity emergency credit, simply put your key into the meter when you run low on credit. Your meter will then show an ‘E’ after your balance to show you’re using emergency credit and how much you have left.

To use your gas emergency credit, you should put your card back into the meter and press the ‘A’ button. Your meter will then say ‘emergency credit in use’ on the screen.

Bear in mind that you’ll have to pay this back with your next top-up.

How to get a Good Energy smart meter

Good Energy smart meters are being rolled out across the country at an increasingly rapid rate. This is just one step in the Government’s plan for the UK to become net-zero, which Good Energy fully supports.

Automatic meter readings!

Did you know that with a smart meter you’ll never have to submit a meter reading again! 100% accurate bills, all the time. Give us a call to find out more about automatic meter readings.

There are so many great benefits to having a Good Energy smart meter installed, such as:

  • They send meter readings automatically
  • You can become more aware of your energy usage
  • They show you exactly how much you’re spending on your energy in real-time
  • Your bills will always be 100% accurate
  • They can help you save money
  • They can help you save energy

To get your Good Energy smart meter, simply call 0800 254 0000.

Why does my Good Energy smart meter keep beeping?

There are a few reasons why your smart meter might be beeping, and luckily, they’re mostly an easy fix.

The most common reason for a beeping Good Energy smart meter is that your in-home display is running out of battery. You can fix this by simply plugging it back into the wall and charging it up. The best way to avoid this happening is to keep it plugged in all the time – it hardly uses any energy so you won’t even notice it on your bill.

Another reason could be that you’ve reached or gone over your budget. This could be the case whether you’ve set a budget or not as most Good Energy smart meters come with a preset budget. If you’re going over budget regularly, there are two ways you can fix this: increase your budget through your in-home display or decrease your energy usage.

The final reason, and hardest to diagnose, is that your in-home display is placed too far away from your meter. If this happens, they could lose connection and you won’t be able to fully take advantage of the benefits that come with having a smart meter.

If you’ve tried all of these and are still having trouble, you can call Good Energy on 0800 254 0000.

Are you considering switching?

If you’re looking to switch to a 100% renewable energy provider, Good Energy is a great place to start. With over 20 years’ experience as a renewable energy company, you know you’ll be in great hands.

Good Energy reviews

Good Energy has a range of different reviews across the board, but they’re predominantly highly rated by customers.

Reviewer Score More information
Trustpilot 4.4 out of 5 | 4,832 reviews
Google Reviews 4.2 out of 5 | 962 reviews 3.1 out of 5 | 159 reviews

A common reason customers seem to be happy with Good Energy is due to their renewability and the fact that customers can trust them to do what’s best for the environment. Many of these customers stick with Good Energy for a number of years for this exact reason.

However, some customers have run into billing and meter reading issues in recent months due to Good Energy’s online account restructure. They have also stopped offering quarterly payments, which was the preferred way to pay for many customers, meaning that all customers have to pay monthly.


Good Energy currently has 2 tariffs available to most customers: one fixed and one variable. Both of these electricity tariffs are 100% renewable, and their gas tariffs are 100% offset.

They also have tariffs tailored to specific customers including those with electric vehicles, water pumps, off-peak meters, and prepayment meters. Each of these come with different rates to suit how and when your energy will be used to offer you the best price for your energy usage.

Find out more about Good Energy’s tariffs and rates using the link below.

Compare Good Energy tariffs

Fuel Mix Disclosure

As ordered by the energy regulator, Ofgem, providers have to share their fuel mix with their customers so they know exactly where their energy is sourced.

We already know that Good Energy is a 100% renewable energy company, but they’ve broken this down even further into which renewable energy sources they use, which you can see below.

The Warm Home Discount

Get £140 from the Warm Home Discount

Let us guide you through the Warm Home Discount and find you the right tariff that can also give you an additional £140 from the Warm Home Discount.

The Warm Home Discount is a Government-led scheme in which low-income and vulnerable households could receive a one-off payment of £140 to put towards their winter energy bills. It was set up in 2011 to help put an end to fuel poverty across the UK.

Many different providers offer the Warm Home Discount, however, because it’s a smaller energy company, Good Energy doesn’t take part in the scheme.

For more help switching...

Give us a call and we'll walk you through your options. We have handpicked a fantastic panel of providers in a number of home utilities, giving you a great choice of vetted options, taking all of the leg work out of switching.

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