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Disclaimer: The information on this page was correct as of August 23, 2021.

Bulb Energy Ltd, trading simply as Bulb, is a London based, privately financed energy supply company. While relatively new in the energy market, Bulb is the biggest renewable energy supplier in the UK – supplying domestic customers and businesses alike. Being easier to use, easier on your pocket and easier on the environment is likely the reason they have rocketed from 15,000 customers at the start of 2017 to 1.5 million by the end of 2019.

Read on to find out what it is Bulb can offer and what the common queries are, asked by their customers. As always, we’ve got you covered!

Bulb at a glance

  • Name Bulb
  • Customers 1.6 million
  • % Renewable 100% renewable
  • CEO Amit Gudka and Hayden Wood
  • Founded 2015
  • Headquarters London, England


Are you an existing Bulb customer?

This is your section to navigate if you are a new or existing Bulb customer. Find answers to all matters surrounding accounts and other benefits Bulb provides.

Bulb account login

Many companies, especially more contemporary ones, often opt for online portals being their primary method of account management. In this instance, this is no different as Bulb accounts are online. Once set up, using an email address and password, everything necessary for your energy management is at your fingertips.

The features provided on your account are:

  • Submitting meter readings
  • Changing payment settings
  • Viewing and downloading
  • Topping up your balance
  • Tracking your energy usage
  • Updating your account settings
  • Refer a friend for £50 credit
  • Moving home matters
  • Checking your tariff information
  • Getting help or talking to the Bulb community

As Bulb does not use account numbers, all you need to complete your online account sign up is an email address. Other than that you only need your personal details on hand, including name and physical address. If you are currently a customer you have already done this as part of sign up.

Why can’t I access my Bulb account?

For most instances, failed login attempts on Bulb accounts are down to incorrect details being entered. That may be the email address but is more often than not the wrong password being used. Fortunately this can be helped by two methods.

Firstly, Bulb is able to send you a temporary link via email for sign in if you’ve forgotten your password or it is tricky to type. This will grant instant access to your account and the link lasts 24hours. Despite the ease, it is worthy to note that anyone with access to that personal link will also be able to access the account in those 24hours.

The password reset from there is a quick process handled within your Bulb account. Give the link below a click to retrieve your Bulb login email. From there you can change your password to something more memorable.

Access my Bulb online account

Topping up your prepayment meter

If you have a prepayment meter, making sure you have credit on your meter is a top priority. If you have any questions about your prepayment meter, we might just have the answers for you.

I need a new key/card

If you’ve lost your electricity key or gas card, you should get in contact with Bulb via the live chat feature on the Bulb website. You should receive your new key or card in the post within 3-5 working days.

Your first replacement will be free, however, any new keys and cards after that will cost £5 which you’ll have to pay off when you top up.

Where do I buy credit?

Once you have your prepayment device, whether that be a key or card, There are a number of outlets that provide prepayment top-up service. You can check for your nearest through these links:

To top up your credit, take your key or card to one of the above outlets. You can put up to £49 on your key or card at a time and up to £249 credit on your gas meter or £255 credit on your electricity meter.

Topping up Electricity Meters

Quick two steps to get you registered:

  1. Use all the credit left on your meter before you insert your new key. If you don’t your new key will wipe away the leftover balance.
  2. Plug your Bulb key into the meter and wait 60 seconds. This registers your key. You’ll have to register your key before you can top up.

To top up your electricity meter:

  1. First, insert your payment key into your meter. The screen will display the amount of credit present on your key.
  2. After a short delay, this value will transfer onto your meter covering any debt and showing a standing balance.
  3. It is recommended that you insert the key for no less than 5 seconds to ensure the meter is credited.

Topping up Gas Meters

Only one step this time to register. Simply plug your new card into your gas meter and wait 60 seconds, making sure the gold chip is facing up. This will not wipe any previous credit from your meter.

To top up your gas meter:

  1. Insert your prepayment card into the slot in the meter. Press the Red Button A to transfer your bought credit to your meter.
  2. If your meter display says ‘OFF’, it means the safety valve has closed when your meter last ran out of credit. You only need to open the valve to get your gas back up and running.

To open the safety valve:

  1. Make sure you’ve switched all of your gas appliances off.
  2. Insert your card into the meter
  3. Press and hold the Red Button A
  4. Wait for the beep. To confirm the safety valve opening your meter display will change to ‘ON’. At this point your gas supply is restored and the credit will apply from your card.

Topping up smart prepayment meters

If you have a smart prepayment meter, it’s even easier to top up and keep an eye on your balance wherever you are.

There are a few ways you can top up your Bulb smart meter:

  • Through your online account
  • Through the app
  • At a PayPoint
Top up with the Bulb app

Q – What if I can’t top up?

In cases where the meter could not be credited for whatever reason, there is an emergency credit provision on all prepay meters.

It effectively allows you to ‘borrow’ money from the meter if your credit is running low. Bulb’s standard emergency credit amount is £5 and can be activated once your balance falls below £1.

While using emergency credit, Bulb will stop taking payments for your daily standing charge though these payments will build up as additional debt on your meter

If your credit runs out between 8pm and 8am, you’ll get ‘friendly credit’ automatically. This is a measure in place so your supply stays on overnight, while also giving time in the morning to top up.

As it is a facility to be used in emergency situations, you will have to pay back the difference to bring your balance back before applying more credit to your meter. This includes any extra charges that may have built up while using the emergency supply.

How to activate your Bulb emergency credit

Activating emergency credit for your gas supply is as easy as inserting your card into the meter and pressing the Red Button A. Your meter at this point should say “Emergency credit in use”.

To use emergency electricity credit insert your key into your meter once the balance shown is below £1.00. The meter will respond by displaying an ‘E’ to show it has entered emergency credit.

If your meter displays ‘A’ or ‘1’, this is how much emergency credit you have left, eg. £4.50E (the ‘E’ stands for emergency).

If your meter displays a ‘B’ or ‘2’, this shows how much you need to credit your key before you get it back to normal, eg. £7.00

I want a Smart Meter

Providing a more efficient and convenient way to handle energy management, smart meters are becoming the new standard for handling energy management at home. With meter readings being sent to your energy company so you don’t have to, it’s one less thing to think about in regards to your home energy.

On top of that having a smart meter means you have your energy usage and how much you are spending on energy, on display, at a glance – courtesy of the handheld In-Home Display (IHD) unit you’ll receive. This could open the scope for effectively budgeting your energy use for additional control over your household and how much you’re spending.

Bulb only installs second generation Smart meters, also known as SMETS2 meters. Owners of first generation meters needn’t get a physical upgrade as they will have their meter digitally updated to bring them in line with the new standard.

Some benefits of Smart Meters include:

  • You’ll only pay for energy you’ve used, meaning no more estimated bills.
  • There is no additional cost for installation of your smart meter.
  • Clarity in seeing where you could save money.

Automatic meter readings!

Did you know that with a smart meter you’ll never have to submit a meter reading again! 100% accurate bills, all the time. Give us a call to find out more about automatic meter readings.

Why is my Bulb smart meter beeping?

When something important is beeping, it can often be quite concerning, especially if you don’t know what’s caused it. Lucky for you, it’s not normally anything to worry about.

The most likely cause of the beeping is that your in-home display is running out of battery. This is also the easiest fix as all you have to do is plug it into the mains to recharge it. If this is happening regularly, it might be worth keeping it plugged in at all times.

If you’ve set up budgets on your smart meter, it might be beeping to let you know you’re near or over your budget. This might also happen if you haven’t set a budget up as most of the time they come with preset ones. You can change your budget through your in-home display to avoid it beeping again, but this is a handy feature as it keeps you aware of your spending.

Referring a friend

The friend referral system in place is an incentive for existing customers to bring more customers to Bulb. You’ll both receive the £50 credit, so everyone’s a winner. Except maybe their (soon to be) former provider:

  • Choose ‘Refer a Friend’ from your Bulb home page to access your referral code
  • You can share the link by email, text, or via Facebook and Twitter
  • You can refer as many people as you like, receiving the reward every time.
  • It usually takes around 21 days for the credit to appear in your account
  • The status of referrals can be checked at the bottom of the ‘Refer a Friend’ page.

Click the button below if you’d like to take advantage of this feature:

Refer a friend

Are you considering switching to Bulb?

For customers who are considering making the switch to Bulb for their energy supply we have gone through the trenches to find key information that may influence your decision. Find here all you need to know to know whether Bulb is the right choice for you.


Bulb has become quite reputable in the relatively short time they have been active. Their people focused approach, both to customers and their employees brings about a positive view of their operations consistently.

Reviewer Score More information
Trustpilot 4.6 out of 5 | 72,775 reviews
Which? 69% overall score 3.6 out of 5 | 1,091 reviews

If you would like a more in depth review of Bulb’s customer experience please follow the link below to read through a complete summary.

See full review


Bulb operates a single, variable tariff named ‘Vari-Fair’.

Tariff Pros Cons
  • 100% renewable
  • No exit fees
  • Prices can go down
  • No fixed contract length
  • Prices can go up
  • Prices change regularly

Find out how much you could save when you switch with Utility Switchboard

Fuel Mix

As an electricity provider in the UK, companies are now required to have available to the public their Fuel Mix Disclosure, which details the sources of the electricity generation for their supply. This topic is ever apparent as industry and national levels of benchmarks and thresholds are being put in place to battle climate change and place more emphasis on environmental regulation. Especially in regards to having a suitable level of renewable energy resources.

Bulb is heralded as the UK’s biggest renewable energy provider and as such, their fuel mix reflects this:

We can break this down even further to see where Bub gets its renewable energy from:

Warm Home Discount

As a partner of the government led scheme, Bulb offers the £140 rebate towards the electricity costs of those who qualify in England, Scotland and Wales.

Only customers who face the possibility of fuel poverty (for various reasons) are considered for the Bulb Warm Home Discount. The government-stated criteria places eligible customers into one of two groups; either the CORE group or BROADER group.

Get £140 from the Warm Home Discount

Let us guide you through the Warm Home Discount and find you the right tariff that can also give you an additional £140 from the Warm Home Discount.

Core group customers are those who receive Pension Credits with the Guarantee Credit element. Customers of the Core group should be automatically contacted to confirm eligibility as well as for receipt of the rebate.

Broader Group customers are usually those in receipt of means-tested benefits, such as Jobseekers’ allowance, Universal Credit or Income support. Otherwise they may be part of low income households. As the rebate is honoured on a first come first served basis and is limited, applicants must actively (and promptly) apply for it each year.

Find out if you qualify for this discount and find out to apply through the following link.

Find out more about the Bulb Warm Home Discount

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