Can dual fuel energy tariffs save you money?

Dual fuel energy tariffs are some of the most common tariffs out there. But what are they, and how to do switch to one?

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When you’re switching energy tariffs, you might be tempted to opt for a dual fuel tariff. It’s often easier and less hassle, but will it save you money? Is it the right deal for you? Find out with our handy guide to dual energy tariffs.

What is dual fuel?

‘Dual fuel’ means that both your gas and electricity come from the same provider.

If you’re choosing to have the same provider for gas and electricity, you’ll often opt for a dual fuel tariff. This is where both fuels are included in the same tariff as well as being from the same provider.

It’s generally more convenient than using separate providers for each, and can be cheaper too! Many providers offer a discount for those signing up both fuels together, however, this isn’t guaranteed.

How do you know if you’re on a dual energy tariff?

There is no physical difference between dual fuel and single fuel energy tariffs - the gas and electricity that powers your home will be the same. The main difference is how you pay your bills.

If you pay your gas and electricity bills to separate providers, you’re definitely not on a dual fuel tariff. Dual fuel tariffs are only available if both bills are paid to the same provider.

If your bills are paid to the same provider, you’re probably on a dual fuel tariff. Most providers will combine your two energy bills into one, however, some might send you two separate bills: one for gas and one for electricity.

If you only have one fuel type supplied to your property, you won’t be on a dual fuel tariff. Dual fuel tariffs are only available to properties with both gas and electricity supplies.

The easiest way to find out if you’re on a dual or single fuel tariff is to look at the tariff details on your bill or through your online account. It will tell you whether or not your tariff is dual fuel as well as how much you’re paying for your gas and/or electricity.

Alternatively, you can contact your supplier and they can help you out.

Dual vs single fuel tariffs - which is best?

Because dual fuel tariffs aren’t necessarily the cheapest anymore, which tariff is best depends entirely on your personal circumstances and energy usage.

Benefits of dual fuel tariffs

Millions of households across the UK have opted for a dual fuel tariff, and many will tell you that it takes the hassle out of energy management. But why are dual fuel tariffs a good idea?

  • Both fuels will be on one bill
  • Fuels will be taken as one payment
  • Many providers offer discounts and incentives for dual fuel customers
  • You’ll only need to contact one provider
  • All of your energy management tools are in one place
  • Some providers offer one smart meter to measure both your gas and electricity usage
  • Less shopping around to find the best deal

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Benefits of single fuel tariffs

With so many more energy providers opting to only market single fuels, there’s still some money to be made by switching to single fuel tariffs.

  • Not all providers offer dual fuel tariffs
  • By shopping around you can often save more
  • You don’t have to pay two sets of exit fees if you want to switch
  • They’re available to everyone, including if your home is only powered by one fuel type
  • You don’t have to switch both fuels at the same time
  • It’s easier to manage your energy usage per fuel

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Can you switch from single to dual fuel?


If you have different providers or just tariffs for your gas and electricity, there’s nothing stopping you from bringing both together.

The same goes for switching from dual to single fuel tariffs.

To switch, get a quote from your chosen provider(s). All you have to do to specify whether you’re looking for a single or dual fuel tariff is to choose which energy tariff you’re looking for.

Unfortunately, not all providers offer dual fuel tariffs, but there are plenty out there that do!

Do all energy providers offer dual fuel tariffs?

Most providers offer dual fuel tariffs on top of electricity-only and gas-only tariffs, however, not all do.

The providers that do will often have special offers and discounts for those who sign up for a dual fuel tariff. These could be in the form of:

  • Cashback deals
  • A discount on your bill
  • A cheaper energy rate (per kWh)
  • A lower daily standing charge

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are providers that only offer electricity tariffs, and some that only offer gas tariffs.

You can find out more about all the different providers using the link below.

Compare energy providers

Who can get a dual energy tariff?

As long as your home runs on both gas and electricity, you can get a dual energy tariff.

You may not be able to get one from your favourite provider, but there are multiple providers out there that offer dual fuel tariffs and may be better than your current provider.

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