Welcome to
Utility Switchboard.

Partnering technology with traditional communication to make savings accessible and sustainable

Who are we?

Utility Switchboard is a utilities switching and support service. Our aim is to join cutting edge technology with traditional communication, allowing our customers to get the best possible service, all through the medium they feel most comfortable in.

Utility bills can be a minefield, a maze filled with jargon, fees and complications. It doesn't have to be that complicated, we promise! We're here to walk you through it. If you feel comfortable doing everything online, great - but not everybody does, which is why we invest heavily in providing the best possible telephone service, with the best expert advice fuelled by technology. I mean - hey, there must be a reason why we're voted the no. 1 price comparison website on Trustpilot!

Our history

Utility Switchboard was founded in March 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown. We saw the sheer number of customers that were struggling to pay their utility bills, getting into debt that they couldn't afford and thought we needed to do something about it. Not everyone can spend hours searching for the best tariffs for all of their home utilities, which is why we set up a telephone service that helps customers through these decisions with ease, with a select pre-vetted panel of top-notch providers, just a phone call away.

Utility Switchboard has grown in size and reach astronomically since its incoporation. From just a handful of staff members, to over 70 people in its offices in Greater London. In May 2021, Utility Switchboard also took its first steps into the internationalisation of its brand by launching in Spain.

Meet the team

Utility Switchboard now has over 70 team members working towards our goal of making utility savings more accessible and sustainable. Of course, we can't introduce you to everyone, as our team is growing all the time - so here's a selection of different colleagues acorss different departments in the business!

Deva Carlton

Executive Director

I’m a UX enthusiast with a focus on combining voice with tech. I have directorship experience in the UK market for over 7 years specialising in sales, strategic planning, growth and risk.

Fun Fact - I founded my first company at 17 years old.

Soyfur Rahman

Executive Director

I started my career in the home emergency industry in 2008, working for the newly formed family business. After graduating in 2012, I went on to successfully work for two utility companies. The relationships made and knowledge gained during this period paved the foundation for co-founding The Boiler Company & Utility Switchboard.

Fun Fact - I became Junior Taekwondo World Champion in 2007 in Quebec, Canada.

Elliot Waterhouse

Commercial Director

I've been directing and advising utility businesses across the world for over 5 years, with major projects taking place across the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Spain & France, to name a few! I currently oversee the technical, financial, marketing and human development of Utility Switchboard.

Fun Fact - I am bilingual in English and Spanish, and plan soon to get dual nationality between UK & Colombia - The home of vallenato, rapidly becoming one of my favourite music genres!

David Walshe

Head of Contact Centre

I have been managing in Contact Centres for longer than I care to remember! I have lots of experience in Energy too, having helped grow uSwitch’s Contact Centre from 10 to over 100 across multiple sites. Most recently I worked for Green Network Energy helping to improve performance whilst reducing cost to serve.

Fun Fact - I appear on the front cover of a children’s book.

Jefelda Aquino

Financial Controller

Sara Muñiz Florido

Digital marketing

I am a journalist and marketer by profession and heart, giving voice to people's stories has always been my greatest passion. I have been writing creative and valuable content through different channels and industries. Being communicative, disciplined and a team player with a great sense of humour are some of my top personal qualities.

Fun Fact - When I get stressed, instead of doing yoga, I dance. Latin music and traveling the world are my favourite hobbies. Watching scary movies gives me nightmares!

Muhammad Anwar

Lead data engineer

My prior experience working with data and passion towards computer science allowed me to revolutionize software and data engineering culture at Utility Switchboard. Within a period of 7 months I have been directly involved in multiple software engineering projects, performing duties from Data Engineering, Analytics, DevOps, Automation, Backend-Development, Solution Architecture and Data Pipeline design. Allowing me to gain an exposure that I never thought of achieving before.

Fun Fact - I like to cook different dishes for my family. I believe cooking allows me to explore different dimensions of taste and aroma.

Martin Slater

Operations manager

I had several management roles throughout my career and have over 15 years experience in managing call centres being involving telecommunications and utilities.

Fun Fact - My passion in life is Chelsea FC, Travel (when we are allowed) and tasting beers from around the world

Sam Rainbird

Customer experience supervisor

I’ve had six years experience in the energy industry and I previously worked as a contract administrator for an energy broker in Sydney, Australia for five years where I gained most of my knowledge.

Fun Fact - I worked in America for 2 years as a lifeguard and a swim instructor.

Valentina Vasiliades

Contact centre trainer

I have been working in the Energy industry since 2019 where I started off working as an agent and developed a massive interest and huge passion for training which is what has led me to my current position.

Fun Fact - I was born and raised in Cyprus and I went to drama school for 12 years. I also had a donkey in my orchard in Cyprus called Sally!

Sammi Clear

Human resources & recruitment

Since starting in sales back in 2018 I've gained so many essential skills from communication to resilience that I used on a day to day basis.

Fun Fact - I've been to 26 different countries / 51 different cities.

Polly Tyler

SEO specialist

I've loved writing since I was a child and have worked on a number of different projects since I left school, including journalism, copywriting, and marketing.

Fun Fact - I've written 2 novels.

Molly Redmond

Graphic designer

I have studied graphic design for four years at university while also working freelance and picking up industry experience along the way.I have worked on a wide range of projects and outcomes including branding, illustration, web design and animation.

Fun Fact - I can do aerial gymnastics

Jitendra Chauhan

IT Specialist

I have been excelling IT governance and Networking implementation in multiple top organizations for the past 20 years. I have been coaching, mentoring and guiding diverse teams from junior to senior level on projects of all kinds of complexities.

Fun Fact - I enjoy long walks, it helps me think clearly

Jessica Halsall

Digital marketing

I was previously Head of Social Media and leading brand strategist working on accounts with Unilever and Cipla ZA.

Fun Fact - I got chased by a buffalo on safari in Mana Pools